Month: August 2019

Coming Soon – LOST SOULS OF SPRING STREET, a Supernatural Thriller

Coming Soon – LOST SOULS OF SPRING STREET, a Supernatural Thriller

I started my website earlier this year to flex my writing muscle with blog posts, and also as a launchpad for my fiction. I am in the process of publishing THE LOST SOULS OF SPRING STREET, a supernatural thriller. Here's a peek at the characters:

23-year-old Anna rents a studio in New York City’s historic Nolita neighborhood. She writes code at a high-tech startup in Mid-town Manhattan. Ambitious and driven, Anna wants to move on from her troubled childhood in the shadow of her successful, absentee mother. Anna's life is simple: work too hard, eat, sleep, repeat.

Just around the block from Anna's place, Joe is stuck on a rooftop. He is looking for his long-lost brother. The last time Joe saw him was in 1881. Joe is Anna’s third great grandfather. Yes, he's a ghost.

Julia, the infamous White Lady of Soho, is looking for her ticket out of New York - forever. She has been waiting for Anna for over 200 years. She will help Joe to help herself.

Julia’s terrifying visit sends Anna on a quest to right a century-old injustice. Aided by a reluctant psychic and cutting-edge technology, she goes ghost hunting, and, in the process, discovers her own gift.



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