Month: November 2019

A Welcome Distraction – Thanksgiving at Our House

A Welcome Distraction – Thanksgiving at Our House

It seems that there is no “off switch” for the barrage of news: the turmoil in our public affairs, the sorry state of our global climate, and the plight of people affected by poverty and war.

But this is Thanksgiving week. This year I especially welcome the distraction, being fortunate enough to have a few dollars to spend and some relatives willing to show up. Steve and I will happily plan and shop and prep. When Thursday dawns, we’ll watch March of the Wooden Soldiers and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. In the afternoon, we will give thanks, and eat.

For my family, the complexity of preparation has increased with the advent of vegans in our midst. The strategy has evolved over the years – common dishes like green beans and yams use margarine, not butter. We make separate pans of stuffing: sausage for carnivores, plain for vegans. Mashed potatoes are mandatory at our feast. Along with our milk and butter version, we also provide a soy and margarine version. Of course, there is turkey and Tofurkey, with separate gravy for each. At least cranberry sauce works for everyone – we serve both the smooth and lumpy kind.

Does this sound crazy? Don’t worry, we’ve got this. (Well, I did make a mistake last year – I served the sausage stuffing to my vegans. They ate some before revealing that “it tasted too good.” I’ll be more careful this year.)

Now, for the pies.

I make a crustless pumpkin pie that has become quite popular. I’m toying with the recipe this week. My latest (non-vegan) version uses Maple Syrup and Truvia for sweetness, and a bit of cornstarch to add back the structure you lose from omitting sugar. Not bragging, but it’s good. And only 5 WW points for a nice-sized slice.

I will also try a vegan pumpkin pie this year – using “flax eggs” made from ground flax seed, and soymilk. I think I’ll use sugar in this pie. Fingers crossed.

I am grateful for the ability to make a feast, grateful for the feast itself, and most grateful to be able to share it with my family. 

I pray for our country, for our planet, and for everyone in need. 

PS – Don’t forget to do your part for the poor – at least buy that $10 bag of groceries your supermarket is offering to help the less fortunate. There but for the grace of God….

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!