Author: Nancy Turbe

Blue sky Exercise for Career Change

Blue sky Exercise for Career Change

Here’s an example of some materials I’ve used with my Coaching Clients. I find that these structured questions help set the stage for bold, practical thinking.

While this example is specific to financial services, the approach is generalizable any person’s hopes, skills and experience. Feel free to adapt the template.

Need a change? Look up. Write on the sky.

Career Planning Worksheet for <Your name here>

  1. Describe your favorite job ever.
  2. What is it you like best about your current role?
  3. Describe your “soft skills.” (examples – Team leadership/building, conflict management, mentoring, etc)
    1. Give 2-3 examples of where you have used a soft skill? (Don’t limit to positive experiences – include disciplinary action/firing, if applicable)
    2. For each example, explain 
    3. How did it make you feel?
    4. How did it benefit the individual and or the organization?
  4. Suspend disbelief for a moment – assume you have magic. 
    1. Describe your ideal next job.
    2. What current skills would you be using? 
    3. What new skills would you need to learn?
    4. Where would your job be?
    5. How much time would you spend each day on your work?
  • Create a “Hard” skills list – you can edit/augment what I’ve got here
#SkillDescription (you can add if you like)Your Aptitude Level (1-10)
1Credit Risk – DomainCapital Markets, Prime Brokerage 
2Financial Risk – Domain 
3Margin – Domain 
4Regulation – DomainRegulatory calendar & requirements, impacts on technology 
5Financial Data Transactional, Market, reference, Economic, News, etc 
6Credit Risk – Systems Architecture 
7Financial Risk – Systems Architecture 
8Margin – Systems Architecture 
9Technology – Dev OpsNote – 10 would be “I could design and build it myself” 
10Technology – Development – C, Java, Python,…Note – 10 would be “I write code every day – part of my job description.” 
11Program Management – staff, vendors   
12Technology Financial Strategy, Planning Management  
13C-Level Management (“Managing Up”Note – Important to keep this here 
14Data Science – AI, Data Mining (Product Owner Role)Note- 10 would be “I manage the creation and evolution of data mining/ AI projects. 
15Data Science – AI, Data Mining (Developer Role)Note – 10 would be – I create code at the direction of the product owner.  
16Data Science – AI, Data Mining (Project Manager Role)  
  • How do you feel about looking for other opportunities in your organization?
  • What new skills do you think you need for your next job?
  • How much financial freedom do you have to make a lateral / lesser comp move where you can add skills/ change focus?
  • Other asks – 
    • Travel appetite?
    • Relocation?